There are many different ways to clean a stone surface, and some methods are better than others. For example, the use of abrasive discs, pressure washers, and certain chemical agents can do more harm than good, causing irreversible damage to stone buildings.

Here at Seers, we use steam systems such as DOFF and ThermaTech to produce superb results without damaging your building’s stonework. Our Cardiff-based stone cleaning specialists have many years of experience under their belts, and they are capable of removing dirt, grime and moss from many different kinds of stone building.
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The perfect cleaning solution for stonework

Most of our stone cleaning jobs use one of two cleaning systems: DOFF and ThermaTech. DOFF is a very popular steam cleaning system that uses superheated water to remove various types of dirt. This low-pressure, low-volume system is ideal for cleaning stone surfaces, as it removes grime without saturating the stone or weathering it away.

ThermaTech is another high-quality steam cleaning system; its added versatility and extra features make it preferable to DOFF in certain cases.

Before we start cleaning your building, we will visit your site in order to decide upon the best stone cleaning method for the job. We are capable of cleaning practically any stone building or structure, and since we specialise in high level cleaning, we are able to handle even the most challenging projects.

Learn more about our stone cleaning service

If you would like to arrange a free site visit or request a stone cleaning quotation, please enter your details below and we will contact you shortly.

“What originally looked like a daunting maintenance task was made to look easy. Over the moon with your quick and efficient high level gutter cleaning service on our warehouses.”
Masons Moving Group, Bret Mason
If you have already received a like-for-like quotation from another stone cleaning specialist, we will be happy to beat their price.

If you have any questions about our DOFF/ThermaTech stone cleaning service, please click here to get in touch.
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