All too often we treat gutters as an out-of-sight, out-of-mind issue.After all, they’re far above the height of things we typically notice, and until we see them overflowing (or worse, falling down) we have a tendency to ignore them. That can be a costly mistake. Here’s why.

What’s wrong with clogged gutters?

The problem with having clogged, blocked gutters is far more than aesthetic in nature.  While having sticks and leaves visible, or noticing waterfalls from the roof edge after a downpour (or heavy icicles during the winter) may be less than ideal in terms of your building’s appearance, the long term consequences of not maintaining clean gutters are far more severe than simply looking untidy. There are several issues at play:


Clogged gutters have several issues which result in their weighing too much to be properly supported.  First, of course, there’s the matter of the debris itself. Second, if the gutters are clogged, water cannot flow through, and trapped water contributes to the weight problem. Finally, debris like leaves and sticks absorb water, which means that even if some water is still trickling through, your gutters are supporting far more weight than is recommended. If the problem becomes severe enough, the gutters could pull away from the building, damaging the building and becoming damaged themselves. Of course, falling gutters also represent a safety hazard.

Water damage

When water isn’t being properly dispersed through the gutters, it overflows. That can result in unsightly water damage on the exterior of the building. Even more damaging are the results if the water ends up infiltrating the walls themselves, especially if this goes unnoticed until the material behind the siding begins to rot.

Roof and tile damage

Water itself isn’t usually damaging to roofs or shingles, but ice is. As water freezes in the gutters, it will expand, pushing up against the edge of the roof and tiles. This can also create a barrier that results in standing water (and eventually ice) on the roof, which can lead to serious long-term damage.

Damage to the building’s foundation

Finally, if water is allowed to run down the side of the building rather than being drained away at a distance, this can actually cause permanent damage to the building’s foundations. Cracks in the foundation can lead to flooding in basements and crawl spaces, and result in the need for costly repairs.

The Reach & Wash window cleaning system is a revolutionary new window cleaning method that has transformed the marketplace for both window cleaners and clients. It offers multiple advantages over traditional window cleaning methods.

How does the Reach & Wash system differ from traditional cleaning?

Traditional window cleaning, when done above ground level, has always relied on finding a means for the window cleaner to be physically present near the window being cleaned - i.e. windows had to be cleaned with the cleaner “at height.” Cleaning operatives were required to use a ladder, a cherry picker, rope access or cradle system to gain access to high windows.  The Reach & Wash system, however, negates the need for these practices.

How do cleaners reach the window with the Reach & Wash system?

The Reach & Wash system consists of a proprietary water-fed telescoping pole equipped with a soft bristled brush.  The pole can be expanded to reach up to 80 feet.  The brush is then used to gently dislodge dirt and residue from the glass, while purified water rinses it away. Because the water source is completely pure, the windows dry crystal clear, without streaks or spots.

Why is the Reach & Wash system superior?

In addition to the obvious advantages offered by not having workers at height, in terms of safety and liability, there are several other benefits to the Reach & Wash system. Ladders, suspended platforms, and other methods can inadvertently damage a client’s windows or building. 

Furthermore, window cleaners are generally able to work more quickly, efficiently, and inexpensively using the Reach & Wash system.  The Reach & Wash can be used on windows beyond the reach of ladders, so the system can replace much more invasive and expensive equipment. This results in saving the client not only money, but also the inconvenience of having their building’s appearance marred by the presence of platforms or other constructions during the duration of the cleaning.

The Reach & Wash system is the safest, and often the most cost-effective, option for commercial window cleaning.  Not only that, but the system has been specifically designed to meet all industry standards, like the European CE Mark. It is a high quality solution that has been engineered to deliver high quality results. The Reach & Wash system isn’t just advantageous for cleaning services. It also provides their clients with superior, professional results.

Everyone is aware that gutter cleaning is a necessity - no matter how much there’s a tendency to put it off. Clean gutters help you present your building in a tidy, professional manner. More importantly, they’re essential in terms of avoiding long term damage to the gutters themselves and the building’s roof and walls. Clogged gutters also represent a safety hazard. Keeping in mind all of the important reasons behind the need to keep gutters free and clear of debris highlights the importance of utilising a gutter cleaning service that does an efficient, effective job. CCTV gutter cleaning is relatively new method used by professionals to ensure that their clients gutters are cleared thoroughly.

What is Guttervac CCTV Gutter Cleaning?

One of the traditional challenges inherent in gutter cleaning - and one of the aspects of the service that often causes clients pause - was the need for workers to clean the gutters at height.  Ladders and other methods of reaching gutters required that cleaners put themselves and their clients’ property at risk during the cleaning process.  High level gutter vacuuming eliminates the need for workers to clean the gutters at height, while still ensuring professional results.

How does Gutter Vacuuming work?

CCTV gutter cleaning allows workers to reach gutters without leaving ground level. These systems include telescoping poles equipped with wet dry vacuum attachments engineered to effectively clear your gutters of debris, creating and leaving no mess behind.

Not only does the telescoping pole allow the worker to remain safely on the ground, but the attached CCTV allows the cleaning to be monitored to ensure thorough results. Clients are able to see the state of their gutters both before and after cleaning without anyone having to climb a ladder or work from the rooftop.

Why is CCTV gutter cleaning so superior?

First, there is an obvious advantage in terms of safety.  Whether working from a ladder or from a roof, there is some risk that a worker could fall and injure themselves while servicing a client’s gutters. That risk is absent with CCTV gutter cleaning.  Second, the patented vacuum system results in less additional clean up after the gutters are cleared. Finally, because CCTV gutter cleaning can be done safely and efficiently from the ground, it is typically much faster than traditional at-height cleaning methods. The benefits of this are twofold. It’s often more cost effective, and it also results in less disruption of the clients’ schedule.


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