Each building and organisation is unique - as is each and every cleaning service.  Choosing the right professional high level cleaning service for your high cleaning needs is important, but many aren’t sure how to go about it.  This concise guide will help you choose the right option.

Why is Choosing Well So Important?

There are a few reasons it’s critical to choose a reputable, experienced service that is able to meet your particular needs:

  • Exterior cleaning is both a short term and a long term investment.

Cleaning isn’t just about aesthetics - it’s just as much about function as form.  Delaying cleaning, or cleaning incorrectly, can lead to damage that accrues and results in the need for extensive (and expensive) repairs. Saving money on a service that doesn’t do a thorough or professional job will only cost your organisation more in the long run.

  • Different high cleaning services may have different specialties.

A particular high level cleaning service may be excellent at what they do best, but what they do best might not be what meets your organisation’s unique needs. 

  • Health and Safety Standards are of paramount importance.

High level cleaning is a profession which involves equipment, situations, and materials which can be dangerous if not handled safely.  A reputable, experienced company is aware of just how critical health and safety policies are, and prioritises the well-being of their workers and others at the cleaning site.

How to Choose a Great High Level Cleaning Service

  • Research online, read reviews, and ask for recommendations.

Step one should provide you with a list of companies which have caught your eye, whether due to great online reviews or the recommendations of other organisations. 

  • Consider what you think needs to be done on site.

Are you looking for high level building cleaning, perhaps pressure washing? Cladding Cleaning? Algae and moss removal? Special features on the building - atriums or brise-soleils, for example - that will require particular care? Gutters to be cleared? Make a list of everything that needs to be done.

  • Call your first pick and discuss what needs to be done. Ask questions.

Ensure that the service you’ve called can handle what needs doing; if not, move on to the next on your list and repeat.  Ask about their health and safety practices. Ask what methods they’ll employ to clean your building, and whether or not you can receive a free quote. 

Meet with your contractor in person, and go over the details—once you feel comfortable, set dates and times.  It’s that easy to get a cleaner, more professional appearance for your building.


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