If your cladding is looking a bit tired and dreary, it could be dragging your entire brand image down with it. Sure you can to attempt a DIY clean but, for a major project like cleaning a commercial building or warehouse, it’s usually better to leave it to the experts.

Professional Results Wow Clients

There’s no such thing as a second chance to make a first impression, and the exterior of your commercial building is the first thing visitors see when they arrive. Clean, well-maintained cladding creates a positive impression, and communicates your dedication to detail. It also shows that your organisation takes pride in a job well done.  A commercial building with a fresh, new appearance can also show clients that your business is thriving.  There are really no downsides to keeping your building looking its best.

Professional Cladding Cleaning Saves You Money

All cladding has an expiration date, but there’s no need to speed it along.  The growth of algae, mosses and mould can take years off the life of your cladding panels, potentially wasting thousands of pounds that could be better spent invested in your business. Improper, amateur cleaning can be as bad or worse than no cleaning at all; it can cause microscopic damage that allows moss and algae to re-grow faster.  This will not only result in the need to clean more often, but will also lead to faster deterioration as these organic growths work their way deeper and deeper into the exterior surface of your building.

They Have the Equipment, Experience, and Expertise to Meet Health & Safety Standards

Cleaning cladding isn’t a trivial task.  Aside from the actual labour involved, you may also need to handle powerful chemical cleaners or deal with hydraulic platforms, scissor lifts, or cherry pickers. But a professional cladding cleaning company already has robust health and safety policies in place that meet and often exceed any regulated standards. Furthermore, they can quickly assess the site and your needs in order to use the safest, most efficient, and most cost effective equipment.

Your Business Can Continue Uninterrupted

An experienced cladding cleaning team can minimise disruption of your day to day business.  They’ll coordinate with you to communicate the amount of time needed and to find ways to ensure that their schedule meets with yours. This will let clients and deliveries arrive uninterrupted.  An experienced professional service appreciates your business, and wants to ensure that they do whatever they can to avoid inconveniencing you and your team.

Why Wait?

You’ll be amazed at how much a thorough cladding cleaning can transform your building, and surprised at how quickly and conveniently that transformation can be achieved. Get in touch with us to find out more.


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