K-Render walls can give your commercial building a professional, sophisticated appearance - but only when they are kept looking their best. They can also stand up to a variety of weather conditions and will stay the distance when properly maintained.  Part of that proper maintenance entails regular cleaning, typically once every few years under normal conditions. Cleaning a rendered exterior surface requires knowledge, experience and the right equipment and supplies.

It’s important to keep the exterior of a building clean for a variety of reasons, not all of which are purely cosmetic.  While you may think that a dingy, dark surface is simply accrued dust or dirt, it’s more often organic matter from algae, mould or moss, especially when the weather has been mild, damp or humid. These living invaders can infiltrate deep into the material covering the exterior, causing it to deteriorate faster than it should. 

But it’s not just important to clean - it’s important to clean properly.  Cleaning with equipment, chemicals, or methods that are inappropriate for use on the particular style of render used on your building can cause damage. Sometimes, this damage is immediately visible, but frequently it’s invisible to the eye. Nonetheless, it encourages more vigorous growth of moss, mildew, algae, and mould, and can significantly shorten the life of your exterior, necessitating repairs and restoration.

How are Rendered Walls Cleaned?

Pressure Washing

Most cleans are carried out using a specialist high temperature/low impact pressure washer, such as the DOFF or Thermatech systems. While this type of pressure washing is often the most efficient way of cleaning a rendered wall, it must be done with professional care.  Pressure that is too high, or improperly applied, can result in serious damage to the wall.  Special care should be used to spread the pressure across the wall evenly during application.

Hand Scrubbing

In some cases, limited amounts of manual cleaning may be necessary.  Professionals will use specialist brushes specially designed for this purpose, to remove grime without damaging the exterior of the building.  As the dirt and organic material is dislodged, it should be rinsed away with clear water to ensure that the residue doesn’t dry in place.

Cleaning Chemicals

There are a variety of cleaning supplies which can be used to clean rendered walls. The type of chemical used will depend upon the material used for the exterior as well as the nature of the dirt or growth on the walls.  Different cleaners will be used for rust versus green or red algae, for example.

A professional render cleaning service will know which chemicals and what methods to use to give your commercial building the most attractive, long-lasting results.

If your cladding is looking a bit tired and dreary, it could be dragging your entire brand image down with it. Sure you can to attempt a DIY clean but, for a major project like cleaning a commercial building or warehouse, it’s usually better to leave it to the experts.

Professional Results Wow Clients

There’s no such thing as a second chance to make a first impression, and the exterior of your commercial building is the first thing visitors see when they arrive. Clean, well-maintained cladding creates a positive impression, and communicates your dedication to detail. It also shows that your organisation takes pride in a job well done.  A commercial building with a fresh, new appearance can also show clients that your business is thriving.  There are really no downsides to keeping your building looking its best.

Professional Cladding Cleaning Saves You Money

All cladding has an expiration date, but there’s no need to speed it along.  The growth of algae, mosses and mould can take years off the life of your cladding panels, potentially wasting thousands of pounds that could be better spent invested in your business. Improper, amateur cleaning can be as bad or worse than no cleaning at all; it can cause microscopic damage that allows moss and algae to re-grow faster.  This will not only result in the need to clean more often, but will also lead to faster deterioration as these organic growths work their way deeper and deeper into the exterior surface of your building.

They Have the Equipment, Experience, and Expertise to Meet Health & Safety Standards

Cleaning cladding isn’t a trivial task.  Aside from the actual labour involved, you may also need to handle powerful chemical cleaners or deal with hydraulic platforms, scissor lifts, or cherry pickers. But a professional cladding cleaning company already has robust health and safety policies in place that meet and often exceed any regulated standards. Furthermore, they can quickly assess the site and your needs in order to use the safest, most efficient, and most cost effective equipment.

Your Business Can Continue Uninterrupted

An experienced cladding cleaning team can minimise disruption of your day to day business.  They’ll coordinate with you to communicate the amount of time needed and to find ways to ensure that their schedule meets with yours. This will let clients and deliveries arrive uninterrupted.  An experienced professional service appreciates your business, and wants to ensure that they do whatever they can to avoid inconveniencing you and your team.

Why Wait?

You’ll be amazed at how much a thorough cladding cleaning can transform your building, and surprised at how quickly and conveniently that transformation can be achieved. Get in touch with us to find out more.

Each building and organisation is unique - as is each and every cleaning service.  Choosing the right professional high level cleaning service for your high cleaning needs is important, but many aren’t sure how to go about it.  This concise guide will help you choose the right option.

Why is Choosing Well So Important?

There are a few reasons it’s critical to choose a reputable, experienced service that is able to meet your particular needs:

  • Exterior cleaning is both a short term and a long term investment.

Cleaning isn’t just about aesthetics - it’s just as much about function as form.  Delaying cleaning, or cleaning incorrectly, can lead to damage that accrues and results in the need for extensive (and expensive) repairs. Saving money on a service that doesn’t do a thorough or professional job will only cost your organisation more in the long run.

  • Different high cleaning services may have different specialties.

A particular high level cleaning service may be excellent at what they do best, but what they do best might not be what meets your organisation’s unique needs. 

  • Health and Safety Standards are of paramount importance.

High level cleaning is a profession which involves equipment, situations, and materials which can be dangerous if not handled safely.  A reputable, experienced company is aware of just how critical health and safety policies are, and prioritises the well-being of their workers and others at the cleaning site.

How to Choose a Great High Level Cleaning Service

  • Research online, read reviews, and ask for recommendations.

Step one should provide you with a list of companies which have caught your eye, whether due to great online reviews or the recommendations of other organisations. 

  • Consider what you think needs to be done on site.

Are you looking for high level building cleaning, perhaps pressure washing? Cladding Cleaning? Algae and moss removal? Special features on the building - atriums or brise-soleils, for example - that will require particular care? Gutters to be cleared? Make a list of everything that needs to be done.

  • Call your first pick and discuss what needs to be done. Ask questions.

Ensure that the service you’ve called can handle what needs doing; if not, move on to the next on your list and repeat.  Ask about their health and safety practices. Ask what methods they’ll employ to clean your building, and whether or not you can receive a free quote. 

Meet with your contractor in person, and go over the details—once you feel comfortable, set dates and times.  It’s that easy to get a cleaner, more professional appearance for your building.


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